Mar. 1st, 2009

ugh, women

Mar. 1st, 2009 02:54 am
kal_ella: (Default)
so my mom was bitching at me for the longest time b/c i made a mistake while filling out a money order for her (i was watching The Soup, k?). she was saying crap like "why can't you be careful with these things...", "this isn't a game...", "how could you be so careless..." (this was all said in Spanish, by the way) and in my head i'm thinking "well if you want things done right, do it your fucking self." and THEN she trusts me again b/c she made me fill out another one. O___o and for fun i just started mocking her with shit like "OH NOEZ! I MESSED UP AGAIN." but what really ticked me off was when she was complaining about it to my sister and i heard her call me stupid. its like, woman, i can hear you. you talk so fucking loud. and i just yelled back for her not to call me stupid. a few more words were exchanged and i just dropped it b/c i signed online and started watching Archiekins perform Zero Gravity. HOLY SHIT, HOW SEXY WAS THAT?

also, this gif is so freaking awesome b/c Adam was basically feeling himself. *g*

so in conclusion, i can now understand why dudes go gay. some women are so bitchy.

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