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is it true...

the last thing you do before you die is crap your pants?

i know the question sounds stupid as hell, but i'm really curious. i've heard countless of cartoons say it, no idea if it's fact.
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uh oh, the oceanic 6 are ~liars~ but why?

poor Hurley! his car made him loco.

omg! wtf?


HOLY SHIT!! 2 WEEKS???? why????

Sawyer/Kate FTW!!!

and i would just like to say i had the craziest dream where i was a zombie.
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still trying to write the sequel to Desires Revealed but i have been hit with MAJOR writer's block, ugh! i need some inspiration, damnit. maybe i can rent some teacher/student flicks, but a lot of thoae ends with the teacher becoming domineering and the student becoming frightened... hmmmm that actually sounds good. lol eh we'll see.

alright, it is currently 16 degrees with a wind chill of 5... lovely. and the horrific thing is that i have to go out, in this weather, tomorrow. me and vanessa are going to leah's to hang out and stuff. we'll probably watch american psycho and superbad, and maybe eat some pizza too.

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so, i'm here drinking this banana milkshake when i realized HOLY SHIT! my birthday is in 22 days! i'm not really looking forward to it... maybe because i don't really want to grow up. crap, i have that damn Peter Pan Syndrome, don't i? i don't know what it is! i'm going to be twenty freaking two years old. i'm almost ancient, damnit. but! being a senior citizen, it has it's perks! i get to drink, won't listen to what my parents say, and, errr i think that's about it? nothing to excited, but by drinking, i do have some urges to start making out with random people. XD~~~*

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