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so i just finished watching AI like 18 minutes ago and there was this one guy (he was second to last, forgot his name, whatever) that could be Cook, Archie, & MJ's child. the guy had Cook's persona DOWN TO A T LIKE WHOA. when Randy asked him if he thinks he's the next American Idol, the boy goes "yea, i think so." JUST LIKE WHAT COOK SAID WHEN THEY ASKED HIM THE SAME EXACT QUESTION. oh, and he has Cook's hair in a way. and he sang Bohemian Rhapsody which is totes MJ. and LET'S NOT FORGET HIS EYES. his eyes AND eyebrows is Archuleta. CRAZY SHIT, PEOPLE, CRAZY. they fornicated, TRUFAX.
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maybe my thoughts were playing trick on me that night, and MJ might not go home as i so previously thought when i first watched this episode 9 months ago? `=/

ETA: ugh fuck, he still went home. `=*(
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Title: Well, that's interesting.
Fandom: American Idol [Season 7]
Pairing(s): Mavid, David Archuleta
Rating: err PG, me thinks
Summary: LOL how could i possibly describe this? all i know is, it's a short story.
Disclaimer: this did not happen, but if it did, then i'm ~psychic~. wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] joshuazgirl128 because i got her for the Secret Santa thing in the David Cook board over at Fan Forum. and i totes added Archiekins in the story b/c i know how much Cee adores him. XD also, teh story isn't Christmas-y, b/c Christmas stories leads to fluff, and i'm not good at writing fluff... its not in me, my bad.
OK, on with the story!

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Well holy crap, let me just say… Thursday night’s show was freaking AWESOME. I went with my friend Leah ([livejournal.com profile] ladyle). Everybody did an amazing job, I think. The audience really loved them all, they would clap and yell for all of them. But I think the ones that got the most applause were our favorite “sexontehbus” foursome (The Davids, MJ, Castro) and Carly. Let’s have a review on that, m’kay?

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