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let me be clear about one thing bbs,

i will not, nor will i ever, jump ship. its not in me to abandon ship for another, it just won't happen. but, once again, just so we're clear, i will ship him with other people, it didn't stop me before, and by the looks of it, it won't ever stop. i can't help it, bb is too pretty.


will always be my #1

but THIS

is my obsession

so let's all chillax, ok? `=D
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...my bbs will meet one day...

...oh yes they will.

that is all. `=D

ugh, women

Mar. 1st, 2009 02:54 am
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so my mom was bitching at me for the longest time b/c i made a mistake while filling out a money order for her (i was watching The Soup, k?). she was saying crap like "why can't you be careful with these things...", "this isn't a game...", "how could you be so careless..." (this was all said in Spanish, by the way) and in my head i'm thinking "well if you want things done right, do it your fucking self." and THEN she trusts me again b/c she made me fill out another one. O___o and for fun i just started mocking her with shit like "OH NOEZ! I MESSED UP AGAIN." but what really ticked me off was when she was complaining about it to my sister and i heard her call me stupid. its like, woman, i can hear you. you talk so fucking loud. and i just yelled back for her not to call me stupid. a few more words were exchanged and i just dropped it b/c i signed online and started watching Archiekins perform Zero Gravity. HOLY SHIT, HOW SEXY WAS THAT?

also, this gif is so freaking awesome b/c Adam was basically feeling himself. *g*

so in conclusion, i can now understand why dudes go gay. some women are so bitchy.
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there's already Season 7/Season 8 comparisons. check out this headline from this site, their headline brought a tear to my eye...

American Idol: Bad Boy Adam Lambert Vs. Do Good David Osmond?

American Idol Season 8 Full of Singing Talent. Will the Finale Be DejaVu to Rocker David Cook Vs. Archie Angel David Archuleta?

*clings to Season 7*
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so i just finished watching AI like 18 minutes ago and there was this one guy (he was second to last, forgot his name, whatever) that could be Cook, Archie, & MJ's child. the guy had Cook's persona DOWN TO A T LIKE WHOA. when Randy asked him if he thinks he's the next American Idol, the boy goes "yea, i think so." JUST LIKE WHAT COOK SAID WHEN THEY ASKED HIM THE SAME EXACT QUESTION. oh, and he has Cook's hair in a way. and he sang Bohemian Rhapsody which is totes MJ. and LET'S NOT FORGET HIS EYES. his eyes AND eyebrows is Archuleta. CRAZY SHIT, PEOPLE, CRAZY. they fornicated, TRUFAX.
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let me just point out - i absolutely LOVE that Cook & Archie were sitting in the dark together while Leona Lewis was singing Bleeding Love. `=D
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watching AI right now - and COOK, i saw you teasing Archie earlier. ;)

ETA: MJ, you sexy beast!

ETA: Jason Castro! bb, you do no wrong in my eyes! *sighs dreamily*

ETA: Danny Noriega. bb got ROBBED, i love that boy!

ETA: David Hernanadez is REALLY good. and he was a gymnast? OF COURSE HE WAS. `=P

ETA: Jason Yeager does that funny ass dance the top 10 did in Dallas. LULZ

more of me flailing b/c i have no life )
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Title: Well, that's interesting.
Fandom: American Idol [Season 7]
Pairing(s): Mavid, David Archuleta
Rating: err PG, me thinks
Summary: LOL how could i possibly describe this? all i know is, it's a short story.
Disclaimer: this did not happen, but if it did, then i'm ~psychic~. wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] joshuazgirl128 because i got her for the Secret Santa thing in the David Cook board over at Fan Forum. and i totes added Archiekins in the story b/c i know how much Cee adores him. XD also, teh story isn't Christmas-y, b/c Christmas stories leads to fluff, and i'm not good at writing fluff... its not in me, my bad.
OK, on with the story!

hey, you're naked... )
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now before the clock strikes midnight, which would officially end December 20th, i will just like to wish a Happy Birthday to Mr. David Cook. hope your boyfriend, Archie, gave you a nice gift and such.

my mom left for Honduras early this morning. ;______; i miss her!

also, i finally saw Brokeback Mountain in it's entirety for the first time this morning. let me just say i cried like a little baby at the end. it's a great film, and the gayness was wonderful. <3

what else, what else..............................................

................. oh! i finally figured out what i want to do for my friend's graduation this Spring. *shifty eyes* i am totes gonna rickroll the graduation. OH I'LL DO IT, JUST YOU WAIT.

that is all for now.
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so Archie can pretty much sing ANYTHING. here's him singing a little snippet from Kanye West's song "Love Lockdown" and damnit, he made me like the song just a little bit more.

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so yes, here i am again posting on my LJ XD~~* but i just HAD to show you guys this little gem b/c it brought some serious LULZ

ok, remember these girls?

well, a couple of dudes did a spoof of it, and it pretty much killed me. LOL
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so i was on IDF a few minutes ago and there was this thread called Is Desperate The Third Single? and i was all "OH SNAP, REALLY?" cause you know, i love that song to pieces, possibly my favorite song out of Archie's album. and i was surprised at the negative reaction to the news. most of the comments are all "oh i hope not" or "it'll flop" crap like that. i'm reading this and thinking "ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING DEAF?" that song has the making of hit single. its hella radio friendly, it has an amazing beat, and the lyrics are so damn angsty and sexy, like whoa. tweenie/teen Archie fans, you fail.

of course, this is all my opinion and not a fact. though i like to think i got an ear for recognizing a hit single when i hear it. `=P

just listen to it -
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i'm finding Taylor Lautner attractive - and he's only 16 yrs old.

first David Archuleta and now Taylor, WTF i am becoming a ~cougar~ X______X

that is all.
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Oct. 15th, 2008 10:03 pm
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the little Presidential Campaign thing is going on... not gonna lie - i just don't care. it was pretty cool finding out we might be getting a black President or a female VP - but then, it just got nasty. smear campaigns, talk shows talking smack, Joy Behar's voice... and all those damn celebrities telling me what to do. nothing personal, but i can't wait for this whole thing to be over. i get really bad vibes from both parties, and that makes me sad. `=/ i know i sounded like a hippie just now, but i can't help it. the negative energy is turning me off about this election.

most of my friends are voting for Obama, my family wants me to vote for Obama, blah blah blah. whatever, i already voted this year, and it was for David Archuleta.
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its my birthday! ~woohoo~ i'm 23 years old today... and yes, David Archuleta is still 17. WTF? he's been 17 for the past 10 years.

i got nothing planned for today. yea, i'm that boring. -___- Tuesday really is not a good day for a birthday ~celebration~. MAYBE we'll do something this weekend, idk. gotta get wasted BIG TIME before school starts next week, yo. *nods*

ok, gonna go now, bbs. laterz! MWAH!

ETA: thanks for wishing me Happy Birthday, you guys! y'all are too sweet. *head porns you all*
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i had an eventful week, me thinks...

cut to the week... )

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